Welcome to White Wolf Brigade.com         updated 2009, Sep 19th from my Chicago rental-condo in Lincoln Park!
White Wolf Brigade is the name of an Everquest Guild that formed June 1999.  I joined in July 1999 and stayed a member until its disbandment in October 2001.  I've kept this site as a memorial and also use it for a variety of things.
Feel free to leave me a message and I promise to eventually reply :).
EverquestSep 2009640+ EQ images
EverquestOct 2002White Wolf Brigade Guild Web Site
Imperium Galactica IIMay 2002My IG2 Pages
Stronghold/SH2Apr 2007My SH Pages
My Dog, Jacob!2005Jacob's site
RL pics of meMay 2007My pix
Silly2000Military hand signals