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Updated Wednesday May 8th, 2002 1453 PDT

Well, today is May 7, 2002. Hmm. Eight months ago, I did a bunch of research on IG2 racial differences. It was most enlightening. I'm only now getting around to promulgating it to the public (LOL holy delay).

I wanted to do a nice IG2 site but haven't gotten round to it. Instead I'll just post this information as data resource.
Nonetheless, herein lies knowledge of IG2 obtained only after many hours of data gathering and examination.

Race Tech Info and Ship Configuration Utility

(1.64 MB, i.e., 1,730,048 bytes)
[Screenshot 1 (35.2k)]    [Screenshot 2 (16.8k)]
This is a pretty neat application.  See in Screenshot 2 the comparison of Solarian versus Godan Hvy Corvettes.   Know now why Solarian Hvy Corvette Captains fear the Godan.  
Godan Hvy Corvettes house:
   (1) an extra laser
   (2) a separate pod for torpedos in addition to usual torpedo/shield pod.
   (3) an additional energy shield.

Wow that wasn't in the book now was it?
Tech Tree Utility

(172K, i.e., 180,224 bytes)
[Screenshot 1 (183k i.e. 187,904 bytes)]
This tech tree utility illustrates:
   (1) Which tech is available to the races
   (2) which techs are prerequisites of other techs

E.g., Inertia Shields can be equipped on Corvettes but can not be researched until the Hvy Corvette tech is researched.

...the install for this program was lost but if you install the program above (tech info/ship config) this program should run without the Install. I.e., just download the .exe file.

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