Hi and welcome ! Finally decided it might be nice to gather some pictures on one page!

Pix of Me:

More current photos are on my facebook page!

Oct 2004, San DiegoPic
Sep 2003, Dog TrainingPic
Apr 2003, At WorkPic
Jun 2002, Work partyPic
Aug 2000, Work partyPic
2000, Work partyPic

Here's a link to a page I created as a joke between my friend, Joe, and I. It's pretty stupid... San Diego, October 2004

My dog and house in September 2004
oh, if you are wondering about the grey rectangle in the 3rd and 4th pics, my buddy was in the picture and I figured to remove it so folks don't think it's me kthx.
house, facing front
house, backyard and Jake! (my dog)
house, backyard and Jake II !
house, backyard and Jake III !
park across the street from my house