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The White Wolf Brigade was retired/disbanded October 7, 2001. It lives on in the memories of those who knew her and those who served her. A guild is only as good as its members. WWB was fortunate to be served by the finest in Norrath. A final salute and thanks to the founders, Rayvin and Falcyn. Though lost in legend for near 40 years, their legacy/guild endured and brought much joy to many in the land of Norrath.
This site is dedicated to the online computer Game of Everquest. An Epic, Medieval virtual world full of wondrous landscapes, ferocious Beasts, brave Heroes and fascinating treasures. And to those characters residing on the Brell Serilis server, undoubtedly the best and most friendly server in Everquest. And to the members of the White Wolf Brigade guild from that server, as well as her allies and friends. A guild of the best and most selfless characters on any server who have filled my heart with countless hours of joy and companionship and adventure! Forever will these memories be etched in my mind to reflect upon and smile.
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White Wolf Brigade was established between July and August, 1999. This site was established in November, 1999. We welcome you, the visitor, and bid ye exciting travels and rewarding adventures wherever destiny leads. Thanks for stopping by !

Very sincere thanks to Ylyrra, retired WWB member, whose hard work and dedication to the guild amazed us all. Seven months after her retirement from Norrath (March 2000), she continued refining the fantastic WWB site parallel this one. The guild and friends benefited greatly from her efforts. Also, the nice montage pic (above) is her artwork. /cheer Ylyrra.

Also thanks to Sinjjon, retired WWB member, without whose help and guidance this site would not exist. /cheer Sinjjon

Arclan Cirel
52nd Paladin, Hall of Truth, Freeport
Leader, November 1999-Present
October 16, 2000