General Information
WWB Guild Chat Sample(s) Aug 9, 2001
Just thought to begin placing samples of guildchat (and some say or groupsay if it's among members) here so folks can see the kind of things said in /guildsay. First one are logs I took to measure strength of hunted guards (not to specifically capture guildsay).
WWBChat01.html(101k) -- 2001 July 24 to August 6.

Alts in the Brigade Dec 23, 2000
Members in the guild may also join their alt (or two). If at any time the primary departs the guild, the alt must follow. Though this rule hath not been announced, it has existed since WWBs beginning. It has only become an issue recently, hence this entry. This gesture does not mean we do not love or respect our past members. We can still call you brother, friend, or even hunt with each other. However wearing the guid tag is a privledge reserved for those 100% dedicated to the Brigade.

It is natural to feel that leaving an alt in after the primary departsis helpful to the guild. It is not. It is left overs and a discredit to those who served theBrigade in days past and to those who will serve her in days to come.

Please accept my humble apology for any perceived insult. I assure none was meant. We realize this mandate may cause us to lose moremembers. While this is not what we want, we also don't want a guildof half-dedicated members. It is not fair to those who pourtheir heart and soul into making White Wolf Brigade a better place.
--Arclan Cirel, Paladin, Hall of Truth, Freeport, Leader, White Wolf Brigade
--With approval of the Officer Corps, White Wolf Brigade

Use of Anonymous Aug 16, 2000
Members in the guild may not use anonymous since it conceals guild affiliation. Please use Roleplay instead (/rp). If ye be White Wolf Brigade, let all of Norrath know. /cheer!
--Arclan Cirel, Paladin, Hall of Truth, Freeport, Leader, White Wolf Brigade

Evil Characters with Pure Hearts Are Now Welcome Aug 16, 2000
Over the years, our paths have crossed with many honorable adventurers. A good number of them were born of dark origins. For many moons have I recognized those who follow the ways of justice and truth. Dark aligned creatures often fit this criteria. As leader, an important duty is to preserve guild history and I was reluctant to change policy permitting inclusion of such folks into the guild without great scrutiny. As I felt my time was about to pass, I became comfortable with the idea that the a new leader would effect this change and make many members happy. Since I may be leading this guild for quite some time, I don't want to hinder progress. As such, here and now, with the blessing of members and officers, White Wolf Brigade can now permit those of Evil origins under one condition: They can not (/ooc) role play Evil. Any who join our ranks MUST be honorable and good in heart and display such conduct at all times in Norrath. Those who agree to follow this model are welcome to join us. Yes, Evil alts may also join the guild. But let's not fill the guild with alts, please. One (or at most two) alts may join the guild per member.
--Arclan Cirel, Paladin, Hall of Truth, Freeport, Leader, White Wolf Brigade

How to become a member May 12, 2000
White Wolf Brigade is a guild of (RL) adults who have come together based on common values and goals in the spirit of fairness, adventure, and honor (and FUN!!!). /ooc I sort of prefer to limit the guild to adults (20s or older). Exceptions are made based on quality of character, maturity, and values. A guild member and very long time friend of mine (Senadin) is 16 yrs old IRL, but acts in such a manner that I'd never know it. He is calm, cool-headed, mature, intelligent, witty, honorable, etc. (Sorry to single you out Senadin hehe). So we allow folks of all ages, we just have rigid qualifications for kids.

I like kids (I'm a kid at heart *grin), but in my experience kids and adults sometimes do not mix well.

In the normal course of exploration, we meet and group with new people (hopefully). During such adventurers, ye may become fond of a new friend for their personality, their bravery, their honor, etc. So ye make future attempts to group with this person and interact. Over the course of time, it's natural to want such person to formally join the rest of us in friendship by joining the guild. And if this person believes in us, they will join and hopefully stay indefinately.

This is how we grow and stay strong. By individuals joining us based on our ideals. Not because they need to find a group or they want to attend raids. Currently, I mostly group with guild members. But is has not always been so. Certainly, if group members was what I valued, I would have left this guild long ago. Join us because you like for what the guild stands. And then I know we'll have a member for life.

Fare well, adventurers, and may Marr shine upon thee.
--Arclan Cirel, Paladin, Hall of Truth, Freeport, Leader, White Wolf Brigade

Where's that Charter? May 2, 2000
Hail friends. Arclan Here. Bahkal and I have tried a few times over the last many months to acquire the original charter from our Founders, Falcyn and Rayvin. Unfortunately there has been no luck /bonk Falcyn /bonk Rayvin. The Charter is essentially simple, although sadly the original rank structure is lost.

Rule One - Good Alignments Only
The only less-than-obvious rule that comes to mind is permittance into the guild being limited to good-aligned races/classes. White Wolf Brigade was formed to promote truth and justice, and those not of good alignment fail to hold such ideals. This founding rule has been upheld to this day save a few very special occasions. The guild has decided to bend the rules somewhat to allow evil characters/classes under certain rare conditions.

For example, Jonathon the 38th high-elf enchanter has been in White Wolf Brigade for three RL months. His closest comrade is BisZap, a 40th dark-elf Necromancer. Since 8th level, the two have spent nearly all of their time in Norrath hunting together. Since Jonathon's inclusion into WWB, BisZap has been like a brother to many in the guild. As a result of spending three months mostly surrounded by White Wolf Brigade folks, BisZap has no desire to join another guild. So long as BisZap exhibited unwavering honor, kindness, and sacrifice, he would be welcome to join our ranks. To summarize, BisZap would be welcome because:

  • BisZap is considered "best friend" of a WWB member with at least 3 months tenure (Jonathon)
  • Through Jonathon, BisZap has become a very close friend with many other WWB members
  • After spending so much time in the company of WWB, BisZap feels so bound to its members that he/she has no desire to join another guild
  • BisZap exhibits unwavering honor, sacrifice, and kindness; qualities surely deemed as good.

Existing members may not bring in alts that are not of good alignment. FYI, Rogues are considered not of good alignment and may only be included based on the example mentioned above.

Other Rules are more obvious. We prohibit kill-stealing, loot-stealing (aka Ninja-looting), and blatant acts of inappropriate cowardice which cause undue wide-scale harm. These are subjective, of course; and any accusations made against members will be considered on an individual basis.

Farming - Please do not farm items for sale or trade. If you do, please depart the spot if a regular hunting party (i.e. not another farmer) wants the spot. Farming is presently not prohibited, but may be if it becomes an issue.

Rank Structure - The founders developed an elaborate rank structure which unfortunately remains now only in legend. Our guild spends almost no time with politics, so rank structure really doesn't come into place. We have a leader, and a number of officers who are appointed for life. The present officers are core members who have been with White Wolf Brigade when it was down to just a handful of members. Certainly most in WWB are great leaders in their own right, and are fully capable of leading a guild. The current structure in place is intended to permit the members, officers, advisor, and leader to maximize time available for adventuring and hunting with friends. And to minimize time spent on administrative duties. This also explains why we do not schedule regular guild meetings.

Brief History from Bahkal Lifebringer, Advisor, 2nd in Command, White Wolf Brigade

Ok I am going to talk some about the history of the guild and the vision that it originally started with.

Almost a year ago now, I was playing on the Erollisi Marr server as a druid. I met Rayvin and Falcyn, they were a wizard and enchanter. We began adventuring together and became very good friends.

When we all ended up on Brell we decided to start a guild. The original intent was to have no more than a few members who were just friends. The objective for the guild would be just that friends helping each other out. Well time went by and Rayvin and Falcyn left. Thus we had to have a new leader for the guild, so the three of us talked about it and decided that Arclan was who we wanted. Yes that is correct all THREE of us decided to give the guild to Arclan. Now as time went by we had many members that left the guild, most due to leaving the game. So this in effect left us with a guild of three people, Hadwin Arclan and me. As time went by we made new friends, or brought old friends into the guild.

Now we are a robust guild with many members, however I would like to think that i am friends with everyone, and that they are with me. Does that mean they have to like everything I do, or that I don't ever make mistakes? No, I am quite ready and able to admit my faults.

In essence the point I am trying to make is that this guild is for nothing other than to have friends around you and supporting you. If you do not feel that you are being treated in the fashion you deserve please speak up. If you do not agree with the way things are, speak up.

Finally I would like to reiterate that we were never supposed to be anything more than a gathering of friends.

-Bahkal Lifebringer, Cleric, Temple of Life in Qeynos, Advisor, White Wolf Brigade

Well, that's all for now. This page has been barren for many months so wanted to at least put down some information about this guild, which I feel honored to be a part of, that has endured longer than nearly all other guilds in the fine land of Norrath residing in the world of Brell Serillis. Thanks for visiting.

-Arclan Cirel, Paladin, Hall of Truth in Freeport, Leader, White Wolf Brigade

Secret Revealed July 5, 2001
(Moved to end of page even though post date is 2001, July 5th. Didn't want this to be front page news)

Rayvin told me something in 1999 that I have often pondered making public to guild members. I thought about it over the years but never could find a way to express it. So I'll just come out and say it and let the chips fall where they may.

(Flash back to fall 1999). A few days after my appointment to officer (rank of Ambassador General), time found me in the Desert of Ro, just north of the Oasis of Marr. I was resting beside an ancient Totem towering near the shore. Rayvin and I were chatting in tell.

Little did I know at the time what shocking reality would soon come to my attention...

I was enthused as a result of my recent appointment to officer, and wanted to work for the guild by building a web site. My web skills were nonexistent at the time, but determination was in high order. Rayvin said that would be a great idea...

Then the news came..

Rayvin said one of WWBs founders was a web master; and had plans to build a nice guild web site. Tragically, this fellow died IRL in a car accident. Hearing this was like a pile of bricks on my chest. Felt quite sad and heavy and a bit guilty. I now clearly saw why the WWB seemed to be in a slump. Recall, this happened before I met Bahkal and Hadwin. Bahkal and Hadwin showed me what it is to be a family and made me feel at home in this guild. Indeed I am WWB largely because of them. Alas that is another story. As I was saying, I didnt feel at home in the guild; it lacked enthusiasm in my eyes. Now I understood why. The founders had very exciting plans for this guild; unfortunately the death of a friend cast a heavy shadow over their original plans, excitement, enthusiasm.

Hearing this, I felt more determined than ever to help the guild as best I could and in so doing perhaps honor the memory of a fallen friend. And do my part in helping build WWB into something of which the original founders would be proud. Never again would I ponder /guildremove as long as my characters breathe air on Brell, I thought.

I don't think I've ever told anyone else about this bit of WWB history that Ravyin imparted to me some time in 1999.

I want to take this time to thank all the members, some retired, some moved on, some still serving the wwb (/cheer) for being a part and helping the family of the White Wolf Brigade. Im certain the spirit of that founding member is smiling down from heaven. And if by some miracle the other founders log on, I think theyd be proud.

Arclan Cirel, Leader since 11/1999
(With approval from Bahkal, one of the founding members.)