Guild Relations... - July 25, 2001
White Wolf Brigade has no official allies at present. However, there are several guilds with whom we have especially good relationships who may aid us in times of need. Links to their chat rooms are below in alphabetical order.
   Crystalline Codex (Celestian = leader whom I've never met)
   Enshadowed (our very own Copeland is leader !!)
   Force of the Apocalypse (Raivin = leader)
   Knights Reknown (Tallador = leader) (grr lost their website url again hehe)
   Mystical Avengers (Dolfie = leader)
   Seekers of Relics (Qill = Leader)

There are many other guilds I can think of, but not sure if their leadership structure knows our guild. I don't know Crystalline Codex as well as I wish, but when invited to raids, several of their members came. I imagine Enshadowed is the busiest guild of those listed so would need significant notice to aid us. They raid very often and I would not want to impose on them for help for anything but a major raid (like perhaps an Epic boss mob).
-Arclan Cirel

Alliance Fades... - January 26, 2001
After several moons hath passed, tis time to officially announce the following. Months ago the Leadership of Quorum Angelus departed their guild responsibilities to each follow their own path in search of adventure. As a result, the core of Quorum Angelus with whom whom we have a long history, is no more. Quorum Angelus is now a different guild and one I'm sure will continue to be great and honorable in the history of its founding. However I think both parties agree that the alliance needs to be put to rest until such a day when our two guilds spend considerable time together. Having not heard a word from our old allies since their leadership departed, I can only assume they agree. We wish them well.
-Arclan Cirel

Anniversary !! - October 2, 2000
Hard to believe Quorum Angelus(RubyKnights) and White Wolf Brigade have been allied for an entire RL year. The grande times I've had with these allies are too many to count. Look forward to another year of allied adventuring. /cheer the Alliance.
-Arclan Cirel

RubyKnights Disbands - May 2, 2000
On April 29, 2000, Taurus the Leader of RubyKnights disbanded the guild because existing members were not able/willing to participate sufficient to keep the guild healthy and alive. It should be mentioned that Taurus spent considerable effort over the last two weeks trying to rally the members. RubyKnights had a wondrous life over more than eight RL months. It's passing brings much sorrow to this Paladin's heart. My spirits are lifted somewhat in knowing that each RubyKnight member, while not bound formally in brotherhood, walk the land in friendship. For in the end, that text above our head isn't what binds us together. It is the friendship felt in the heart, and spirit flowing through the veins.
-Arclan Cirel

New Alliance with Quorum Angelus - April 21, 2000
Our fine allies, The RubyKnights split due to philosophical differences. Fanaan and some members broke off and formed Quorum Angelus (Latin for Army of Angels). Taurus was placed in Lead of RubyKnights post-split. Our alliance with the RubyKnights shall remain, as well as transfer to Quorum Angelus.
-Arclan Cirel

Fellowship with Force of The Apocalypse - January 12, 2000
Strana, Leader of Force of the Apocalypse (FoA), has been a considerable friend of mine for some time. He and several of his crew have helped me on numerous occassions as well as being fine comrades in hunts. They are a fine bunch. Strana and I discussed a possible Alliance this day. While we are not formally allied with FoA (mainly because there hasn't been a ceremony), I would still like us to consider them Affiliates. Perhaps in the future, our guilds shall rally and a ceremony can be held formally binding the two guilds in a true alliance.
-Arclan Cirel

Alliance Ceremony with RubyKnights - October 2, 1999
Fanaan, leader of the honorable RubyKnights, has been a loyal, respected comrade of mine for as far back as I can remember. I met him first in the forests west of Freeport (East Commonlands). I was near 5th level. As young adventurers we teamed together many times. From pumas to Dervs, we were very often in each other's company. I grew to regard Fanaan very highly, and valued his friendship.

Shortly after making officer in my upper 20s, it became evident to me that our guild was limited because of its low membership. Sadly, many of my comrades had already joined other guilds by the time I was promoted. Fanaan was one of them. He formed his own guild known as the RubyKnights and included adventurers whom I had known and revered from days past. Then an idea came to me so vividly that I was certain it was a vision from Marr. An alliance. Our two great guilds, being of like mind and quality, should formally band together to aid each other in the fight against evil and savage beasts.

I discussed the idea at once with our founding fathers, Rayvin and Falcyn. After several (RL) days, I was given the go ahead to pursue the idea to fruition. I sincerely thank our founders for having such faith in this Paladin at the time. Fanaan, whom I had known much longer, was immediately interested in the idea. So, I prepared the ceremony and notified both guilds to meet in Lake Rathetear Arena at a certain date. Much to my joy, many members showed up from both guilds. Then the ceremony began:

  • Present Members Bear Witness that here in Lake Rathetear Arena, October 2, 1999 members and leaders from RubyKnights and White Wolf Brigade are present to forge a true Strategic Alliance.

  • Alliances are not entered into lightly. To bind the alliance, Leaders must complete 4 Tests of increasing difficulty. First, the TEST OF TRUTH.

  • Guild Leaders, we are here in pursuance of a Strategic Alliance. If I speak the truth, say Aye.

  • So be it.

  • Next is the TEST OF TRUST

  • Fanaan, Leader RubyKnights, what is your most prized possession?

  • Give it to Rayvin, co-leader White Wolf Brigade, to hold for a moment

  • Rayvin, what is your most prized possession?

  • Give it to Fanaan to hold

  • Rayvin, give Fanaan’s property to Falcyn, co-leader White Wolf Brigade, to hold

  • Finally Falcyn give your most prized possession to Fanaan.

  • Your actions have indicated strong trust in each other, satisfying the TEST OF TRUST.

  • So be it. Please return the items to the proper owner.

  • Alliances require enduring patience. Prove this patience by passing the TEST OF BLOOD.

  • Guild Leaders, step into the inner arena

  • Rayvin, using your melee weapon, strike Fanaan until blood is drawn. Fanaan do not return the attack.

  • Fanaan, do you forgive thy friend Rayvin for ye wounds?

  • Aye. Falcyn strike Fanaan until you draw blood. Again, Fanaan do not return the attack.

  • Fanaan, do you forgive thy friend Falcyn for his actions?

  • Aye. Now it is time for RubyKnights to draw the blood of White Wolf Brigade

  • Fanaan, using your melee weapon, strike Rayvin until you cause a wound.

  • Rayvin do ye forgive Fanaan for ye inflicted wounds?

  • Aye. Fanaan strike Falcyn until blood is drawn.

  • Falcyn do ye forgive Fanaan for thy inflicted wounds?

  • So be it. The blood from thy wounds has flown together, indicating a strong bond satisfying the TEST OF BLOOD.

  • Finally, the TEST OF PERSISTENCE.

  • We nay shall pursue a False Alliance. If thy will is strong, bind the alliance by completing this last difficult test. The Test of persistence requires Guild Leaders to join together to slay evil in thirteen zones including.
    • Lake Rathetear - slay a Greater Zombie
    • South Karana - Slay a Splitpaw Gnoll
    • North Karana - Slay a Raider
    • West Karana - Slay a Bandit
    • High Hold Pass - Slay a Gnoll or Orc
    • Kithicor Woods - Slay named Orc
    • West Commonlands - Slay a Dervish Cuthroat
    • East Commonlands - Slay a Ghoul
    • North Ro Desert - Slay a Dervish Cuthroat
    • South Ro Desert - Slay any undead, such as a Dry Bones Skeleton or Crypt Mummy
    • Inoothule Swamp - Pass thru zone
    • The Ferrot - Pass thru this highly dangerous zone safely
    • Rathetear Mountains - Pass thru this highly dangerous zone safely
    • Lake Rathetear - Return to the Arena

  • So be it, after 3 hours and the loss of life, Leaders have completed the test TEST OF PERSISTENCE.

  • Let it be known to all that on this day, October 2, 1999, after a 4 hour ceremony, RubyKnights and WhiteWolfBrigade are hereby bound to each other in a forged true Alliance. All hail the alliance !!!