Page Modified 2005 September 7

-----Commercial Everquest Web Sites-----
Allakhazam's Magical Realm
Casters Realm (Great site for any class)

-----Everquest Flame Web Sites-----
(warning hostility and swearing run rampant on these)
Brell Rants updated April 14, 2003 yayyy!
Dead Horse Society (Brell Rants won the 'Rants board for Brell' contest.)

-----Personal Web Sites-----
Garrdor Earthdancer's WWB Page
Ylyrra's WWB Site (No longer in service)
Bahkal & Family's website (added May 22, 2002)
Tallor's (outdated) Graphical XP Table of Races/Classes
Copeland's Weapon Analyzer [link no longer valid :(] (Really cool)
Arclan's Log Parse Programs/Links Page
Zakumara's Link to Great Shaman Site [link no longer valid :(]
List of Brell Guild Sites (from Letholas) [link no longer valid :(]
Dawley's Vox Strategy (added June 20, 2002)